A specific Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University rat, living as an illegal alien somewhere in the vicinity of the Mingus Mountain Complex. Likes the back of necks and has a slight sneezing problem. Although it might partially be an alchoholic, it no longer enjoys the sight of flame. Efforts to have it smoke have failed. Is in dire need of a friend called Gladys the Rattis.
Andrew: What the FUCK!? Cheebees shit on me!

*Group Laughter follows suit.

Andrew: It did it again!

*More Group Laughter.
by Cheebees' Lover February 09, 2009
tasty cheeseburger
C'mon guys, lets go get some cheebees, im starving!
by pancakesonmyface November 30, 2009
a person who's power is equally matched by amount people like them. (normally some one quite)
dude i heard that this guy was a CheeBee
by BbQz August 31, 2008

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