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An exclamation used to express intense joy and/or extreme intoxication. May be applicable in many various situations; (not excluding funerals and/or marriage ceremonies).
The exclamation is usually accompanied by a movement in which one extends one's arms above the head and performs a continuous rotation (rolling) of the wrists back and forth towards ones body while shouting "Chee Swaggy Faaaaadeeeed!" at a decibel level comparable to the sound of a passenger jet ascending from a landing strip.
Gentleman I: Good heavens! We are quite lucky that police officer didn't find that excess of alcohol and rotting corpses we have hidden in the rear trunk!

Gentleman II: Quite "Cheeeeeeeeeee swaggy faaaaded" indeed!

Gentleman I: Quite so! My friend; indeed!
Adolescent boy I: How was your night man?

Adolescent boy II: We stuffed an elephant tusk up some guys ass, then we made him call his own ambulance in, hahaha.

Adolescent boy I: Chee swaggy faded, bro!
by The Saucy Gentleman February 06, 2013
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