"chedder cheesy" ryming slang for "easy" or jus "chedder" for short
"dat bird is bare chedder"
"who eva said life was chedder was wrong"
by Nick Biggs March 20, 2006
A term for a jew when you are hanging out with buddys and are in a public setting.
Dude those are some chedder sandals you be wearin'. or I think there are some chedders over there, they got a fat wallet.
by The SilentSiren June 02, 2007
A fat person in little spandex.
"Damn! Look at that chedder, she needs to be shot!"
"That much chedder should be illegal."
by 4ofDiamonds August 28, 2004
chedder is some fucking crazy mother fucker, like one time i was all like weres chedder and then norton anti virus poped up and said warning you are about to be pwnt and then my screen turned all black and OMG ITS CHEDDER OMG MY FAWKING KEYBOAR D IS STUCK ON FAWKING CAPS FAWK MAN FAWK FAWKERZ WTF ARGAL AHRSSSSSSHHHHHH
"damn i just got pwnt by chedder"
"chedder is so sexy"
"OMG i just wana have zex with chedder"
"mah niga chedder"
by auto January 14, 2005
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