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An forum that discusses hacking many games.
There is a Random spam forum(ie Off-topic) which is heavily in influenced by 4chan.
1.Wanna go check Cheat Engine Forums for some maple hacks?<maplefag
2.Let me be stupid and ask for help with a girl in Random spam!
by Why are you December 02, 2007
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This is a great general discussion and computer forum. It no longer has much to do with cheating or hacking, at least in the most popular sections. These sections include "Random spam", "Computer talk", General discussions", and "Art". The forum also includes many sections concerning the use of Cheatengine and hacking specific games. How did this happen? In April 2009, the maplestory section was removed from the forum. This was a big hit to the popularity of the forum because of how many of the senior members dwelled there. That was when a HUGE wave of idiots came to the forum ready to be spoonfed "EP1K HAX" for the games made by Artix Entertainment llc. The most faggot infected section was the Adventure Quest Worlds section. This all changed when in October 09, by request of AE, all of those sections were removed. Every last fucktard there left without a trace. Now, CEF has a smaller community, mostly in Random Spam.
WHY DOES HIS SIG SAY DEREP ME?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!????!!111

It's a script, fag. Everyone on Cheat engine forums is totally overusing it.
by Phox@CEF December 20, 2009
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Your daily source of 'lulz'.
"Hey Jim, you ever been to Cheat Engine Forums?"
"Fuck the internet."
by Flabbergastion November 08, 2007
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A forum which has a large user community
There are many sections in CEF
It is owned by Dark_Byte, the creator of Cheat Engine.
CEF's users make their own programs to cheat in games such as, Flash Games, Maplestory, World of Warcraft and many more.
There is a General Discussion section and a Random Spam section
It is a very well organised forum and is so good that crappy sites leech off it.
Some Guy:
Hey, Dave What's the best site for cheating?

Well, Get you ass down to Cheat Engine Forums as it's the best site for it!

by AeroFrost/Loganator December 30, 2008
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