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Cheaha Mountain, often called Mount Cheaha (Cheaha pronounced /tʃiːha/), is the highest point in the U.S. state of Alabama (2,407 feet). It is located a few miles northeast of Talladega in scenic Cheaha State Park, which contains a lodge, restaurant, and other amenities.

The highest point is marked with a USGS marker in front of Bunker Tower, a stone Civilian Conservation Corps building with an observation deck on top. Near the peak is Bald Rock, a rock over-look which was recently improved with a wheelchair-accessible wooden walkway that provides an impressive overlook of the surrounding region. The entire area gives an impression of being at a much higher elevation than it actually is, in part because of the relatively low elevation of the adjacent area to the west.

Cheaha Mountain is part of the Talladega Mountains, a final southern segment of the Blue Ridge, unlike other elevations of the Appalachians in north Alabama, which are part of the Cumberland Plateau.

Mt. Cheaha is a beautiful park, perfect for family getaways, or weekend adventurers.
by Model_City_All_Star April 29, 2009

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