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It is literally crappy writing on the streets or on walls in towns which serves little purpose apart from making the street or wall look awfull. Unlike graffiti.

As in "chav".
An ever-rapidly growing national underclass/sub species of human. Donning nothing else than designer sport wear.
Caring for nothing more (usually) than cars, brethren chavs and foul attitudes (and the odd pram, which will likely contain a chavling of which the jury is still out as to who is the father).

A "chavroglyphic" is similar to graffiti except it is not artistic & impressive.
It will probably look totally unintelligable to the regualar citizen.
A "Chavroglyic" will contain "glyphs" and other such chav associated slang. Only interpretted by their own crew, rivalling possies or freshly bred chavlings (young'uns).
Think egyptian "hieroglyphics", then you got it, hence "chavroglyphic(s)".
Some minor examples:
"Chow ma bitch, wid ma posse o dem crack'eds meet dem round dee carna, innit"
"Low us bare dollar, man"
"I has got dee most bling, me thinks dat well phat like, faq yo mom"
"got phat green, ring dis num 077xxxxxxx"
"Ring 077xxxxxx johno wants sex, innit bo-yah boi!"
by Ben of H. July 27, 2005
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Chav stands for:


-they wear fake burburry and tracksuits
-they think their gods gift and will start a fight with anyone who walks by
-They normally like rap/rnb/hiphop but this isn't always the case

Their weekend consists of:
-mugging; a helpless child/old lady
-getting high in their house with some sad friends
-waiting outside shops to get someone to buy them boose
-getting pissed in their local park
-Looking after their child that the most probably already have

Jodie Marsh
David Beckham
Victoria Beckham

are just a few of the many chavroglyphic chav scum out there... celebrities obviously don't do the things that i have listed on the "a chavs weekend" but they still are
by Billybobjoebob June 04, 2006
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