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- A typical chav girl, that is also a huge slag

- Where's mainly trackies or cheap leggings with a shit top to go with

- Hair is a horrible blonde or black with roots showing; poker straight, dry and damaged

- Does a terrible job at fake tan; has a new stage of orange

- Wears too much foundation, eyeliner and mascara

- Has a tacky twist to every outfit and looks basically dreadful

- Favourite shop is Primark.

Most importantly, total slag! And has probably slept with half the concil estate... and several more.
Boy: You know, *Chav Slag name* she only went and shagged someone I know. I well laughed at him, ahaha, total BANTER!
Girl: Nooooo! He must have been desperate then... I saw her going into Primark few days ago actually
Boy: Oh really?
Girl: Yeah
Boy: Haha, unlucky. I fucking hate her, she's such a Chav Slag!
by neurallll December 29, 2010
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