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The informal gathering of various chav indivudals and groups outside a magistrates court. There's the inevitable pissed abusive chav dispensing idle threats to passers by and onlookers (perhaps on a 'Chav Safari'); the lone Chav looking for someone with a light for his cigarette; the chirppy (I've been 'ere every day this week) group of Chavs); Chav bints and sluts etc all wearing obligatory uniform - United Colours of Chav (Burberry, white jogging bottoms, shell suits etc). In combination when the collective mass looks like a brilliant bright spectacle of urban decay and hillarity this is known as a jamboree.
(Driving past the Magistrates court in Stafford) - f'cking 'ell there's a cracking chav jamboree outside the spanner's court today! did you see the state of the f'ckwits!
by Dr Hans November 25, 2008
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