Chauncey Billups is also used as a form of insult. Typically reserved for an occasion of extreme wrong doing by another. Sometimes only 'Billups' is used for slightly less severe situations. This insult was never a direct attack on the NBA star, merely just how funny the name is.
1: "Dude, Your'e being a total Chauncey Billups right now!"
--response: "Why am I the Chaunc?"

2: "Why are you being such a Billups?"
--response: "Why am I the Bills?"
by pwnd00 August 11, 2007
Top Definition
A NBA champion and NBA mvp of the finals. One of the most clutch players to play now or perhaps ever. They call him big shot and hits timeless deep threes to force over time or to win. Sick three point shot and has one of the best visions in the games. Rarely turns it over or misses freethrows.
Chauncey Billups for MVP.
by they call me February 25, 2006
A well-decorated NBA basketball player. Also a term to describe someone who looks like the lovespawn of a black woman and a catfish.
"That guy looks fucking hideous..."

"Yeah, a regular Chauncey Billups if you ask me."
by Dean Carlson December 28, 2007
Chauncy Billups, is also used as a code term for Cock Blocker. Both start with the letters C & B. Another example would be Charles Barkley although this is not limited to NBA players.
Person 1: Hey, thanks for ruin my game last night player!
Person 2: My Bad
Person 1: Whatever Chauncey Billups!
by Stefan "Stevie Wonder" Enciso November 06, 2007
Was once a great MVP and all, but now he needs to realize he's about to suck ass now that the Pistons lost their best player Ben Wallace. It's Dwyane Wade's time to shine now.
Chauncey Billups is over. As is the Detroit Pistons.
by I ain't tellin' you NoTHIN!!! September 15, 2006
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