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A girl who may seem outgoing and crazy but is normally shy. They are normally smart and super sexy. Most have a huge ass. Probably the best friend you could get there always caring and honest.
Woah did you see that huge ass?
Yeah that's Chasey.
by Debbie. May 21, 2009
He is the love of my life - If we ever broke up idk what i would do. Id be forever alone and never find love again. Chaseys are amazing, hella funny, sexy, hott, extreemly kissable, and amazing. I dont care how young we are, but I love my Chasey. Do you have one? Hes so hott and sexy, its allmost undescribable. I just wish I could kiss him 24/7, and id do any thing and everything for him. Id run into a lake thats below freezing for him, id run infront of a train, id stop a plane, id literally do anything. Theirs barely a second hes not on my mind and I wish I could woman up sometimes. Hes a guy worth doing "that" with and id fall to my knees for him. Ive liked him sience 5th grade, and now hes my boyfriend, and i want him to be my future husband. Hes super funny, sexy, cute, adorable, and extreemly outgoing. Im so lucky to have my chasey!! Idc how weird you think I am, but this is love. Chasey is the word for love. I love u Chase. 12.6.13
Do you have a Chasey?
Ex #1
Girl one: "Do you have a Chasey?"
Girl two: "No, I wish I had a Chasey..."

Ex #2
Girl one: "Got Chasey?"
Girl two: "Whats that?"
Girl one: "Basically the definition of love, and not only a word, but the nickname of my boyfriend."
Girl two: "Your lucky."

Ex #3
Girl one: "Have you ever met a Chasey or have you dated one?"
Girl two: "Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! I have one, and that's my nickname for him, too!"

Ex #4
Girl one: "Your my Chasey..."
Boy one: "Whats that?"
Girl one: "Another word for true love."
Boy one: "Awh, I love you."
by TheBananaNarwhal December 29, 2013
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