CHA means anything you want it to mean.
hey you CHA get the CHA out the way before i CHA you right in the CHA.
by CHA? February 06, 2011
If you see someone attractive you would say or shout out "Cha". Implying or asking a question "would ya?" "would you"
Fit girl walks across the steet, you and your mate walk pass and you shout out Cha to your mate "would you"
by richalluk October 27, 2010
The explosion of excitement from the inside.
KG: Hey Alex, throw me a beer.

Alex: CHA!
by ATAT September 29, 2010
The thing you say when you have a totally different opinion about something but don't want to show it.

Like Sakura from Naruto.
Girl 1) "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Girl 2) "No, it looks great! Cha."
by musicislifeguitarislove August 28, 2010
Cha means 'yeah right'
Cha is used a lot when being sarcastic.
-So are you gonna ask him out?

-Cha! No way!
by Rebbaaaz(: April 07, 2009
Another slang name for cocaine (short for charlie)
Fancy a line of Cha?

Got any Cha mate?
by Catla97 September 06, 2008
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