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really pissed off and sad, upset
"Man, ali was so chartreuse about that shit me and justin pulled on her."
by slutfacehobagbitch May 09, 2005
A shade of yellow green reminiscent of willow leaves emerging in the spring.
She wore a chartreuse mini with an aubergine feather boa.
by grassmoon March 15, 2004
1. adj., having the quality of a lie or an otherwise fallacious account, especially when told as if it were true.

2. n., a fallacious account or outlandish tale delivered under the pretense of truth.

3. v., to give a fallacious account or outlandish tale with the pretense of presenting factual data.

4. n., adj., some fake-ass color that some purport to be either an u-g-l-y yellow or a green which resembles a freshly cut lawn, after it has been regurgitated by a family pet.

5. n., a French liqueur; it was a favorite of author/pioneer/mad genius Hunter S. Thompson.
1. Person A: I heard she plays with power tools and has sexual intercourse with bears. Person B: Man, that shit is chartreuse.

2. He told me that he had licked the Washington Monument when he visited it last summer, but I knew he was feeding me some chartreuse.

3. Don't try to chartreuse me, I know you left that party alone.

4. She was pretty good looking, except for that chartreuse blouse she was wearing.

5. "With a pint of green Chartreuse ain't nothin' seems right / You buy the Sunday paper on a Saturday night." - Tom Waits, "Til the Money Runs Out"
by mako black April 22, 2009
1. A beverage containing a massively massive proportion of alcohol.

2. A great after beer drink

3. The green stuff that almost killed me last night

4. What all you sexy girls can buy Alex at the bar.
Greg: "It's almost 8am in the morning... hmmm time for my pre-breakfast Chartreuse shot"

Tom: "I was feeling more like a Beer and Woosta"
by Greg January 07, 2004
the funniest colour ever!
I was staring at chartreuse and rotflmfao
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 11, 2010