A vastly underachieving team based in South-East London, recently ditched by their 'successful manager' Alan Curbishley, a Brighton reject as a player. Considered by many to be much inferior to Crystal Palace FC, the best team in South London. In order to gain support Charlton feel the need to bus 'fans' in from the Medway Towns, Dover and Folkestone, as well as shipping them over from Calais and Boulogne. Known for the rather anorakish and trainspotting tendencies of their fans, who are referred to as the 'Clowns'
Look at that, Palace knocking another goal past Charlton Athletic
by Parkmeister May 03, 2006
Top Definition
A great football club, based in South East London, formed in 1905. Who play at the Valley. Nicknamed the Addicks.

Former great players include Clive Mendonca, Mark Kinsella, Richard Rufus, Derek Hales, Rob Lee and Sam Bartram.
The club has had two great managers Jimmy Seed and Alan Curbishley.
Famous for winning the greatest ever game at Wembley, Charlton 4-4 Sunderland (Charlton won 7-6 on penalties).

Enemies- who should be destroyed.
crystal palace
My god they are great ___ they are just like Charlton.
by ValleyFloydJames August 21, 2005
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