A powerful yet undetectable drug.
After passing a drug test and ranting on a morning talk show Charlie Sheen said, "I am on a drug - it's called Charlie Sheen."
by Elliott InSpace February 28, 2011
Charlie Sheen.
by gorblach March 28, 2011
To CharlieSheen, (verb) has quite a few meanings. It can mean to generally be erratic, to bang everything including but not limited to dirty hookers, classy hookers, 7 to 30 gram crack rocks, alien heads (yes cause you are on that level), to operate in one speed, one mode, one gear, to party so hard everyone else looks like droopy eyelided armless children, to harness focus, forget normalizing, and generally just lay the smackdown on life!
"Hey, man! I got that tiger blood" "Oh, so you're parents charlie sheened a tiger?"

"Say man, I gotta couple hookers last night and charlie sheened the hell out of them!" "Isn't that illegal?"

"I charlie sheened can't and can't is the cancer of happen therefore blinking my eye and curing my brain is the negative influx of all terrestrial tiger blood beholders"
by InlowOuthigh March 08, 2011
To be a winner, to not give a fuck about the restrictions of society and live to the fullest, which includes, but not limited to: Fucking the hottest pornstars, having the sickest parties, doing the purest cocaine, and getting rushed to the hospital every week.
Person A: "Charlie Sheen's actually a lonely dude who tries to mask his misery by convincing himself that he's the biggest person ever."
Me: "Shut up dude, he has 2 live in girlfriends, they are two of the hottest pornstars, and they gave up their career for him, he OWNS them!"
Person A: "Well, sex money and drugs doesn't equal happiness."
Me: "Yes, it does."
by joeeeeeeeeeeeeeee122334 March 06, 2011
The biggest joke in Hollywood, and is incredibly high all the time, while banging his full time prostitutes.
Guy 1: "How much cocaine do you think Charlie Sheen is on right now?"

Guys 2: "I don't know for sure, but probably enough to kill two and a half men"
by Winning Tiger Blood March 17, 2011
What the kids are calling crack these days.
The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen!
by papa_squat_0516 March 09, 2011
A very potent type of cocaine
"I'm high on Charlie Sheen." -Charlie Sheen
by Ballsy McGuirk March 04, 2011

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