(Adjective) - Possessing the winning ability to consume a highly potent amount of fast ball drugs which courses through your tiger blood veins.

This ability is able to withstand a deadly amount of drugs which would normally be lethal to two and a half men.
Wow!.. He survived after doing all that? He really is Charlie Sheen!!
by mangodebango March 23, 2011
New street name for cocaine.
Man 1: Hey man, you got Charlie Sheen?

Man 2: I have the Sheen, if you got the money.
by YouWantMyScreenName? March 10, 2011
The most horrible drug known to man. First time users have been known to experience Face melting and death. As the use of Charlie Sheen rises so does the level of droopy-eyed, armless children which to this day is still a phenomenon among the world's top researchers.
Hey man... John just died... yeah he tried some Charlie Sheen at a party...

by Bangin' 7 gram rocks March 09, 2011
A drug, which if you take your face will melt and your eyeballs will fall out
No, I'm on Charlie Sheen except instead of my face my career is burning off
by Chainedtothegang March 08, 2011
Your a Charlie Sheen!

Woah, can't believe how much you are a Charlie Sheen.
by hdsjfkhskdfjyyyy55 March 08, 2011
A powerful drug not available. Side effects include melting face, as well as weeping children. It is known to be the preferred drug of winner Charlie Sheen.
"I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen"
- Charlie Sheen
by thunderjuggggggs March 05, 2011
We need to get an 8 ball of Charlie Sheen and snort it off these stripper's asses
by CharleeSheen February 28, 2011

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