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(noun) Also known as N-Word, this is one particularly rocking guy. He does what he wants, when he wants, where ever he wants. He displays a particular enmity towards one Thomas Cotteril, and exercises his dominance over him by deploying his renowned awesome-o strength and agility. Has been known to drop his fair share of C-Bombs.

(adj.) Any person displaying the aforementioned qualities.
1. Saucy Babe: (Gasp!) I think I just caught a glimpse of Charlie Turnbull.

Hot Chix: OMG! I actually love him! He is soooo awesome and cool!

2. Dude/Bro: Whoa mate, you're on fire tonight. You're such a Charlie Turnbull!
by Just One of His Adoring Fans October 17, 2006
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