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When a person gets paid much more than what they're objectively worth, thereby giving them a God complex. They become immortal and infallible in their own minds. Can often be seen in government employees and managerial staff.
You: "Can you please sign this paperwork?"
Boss: "I could...Or I could not, then blame it on you, then snort cocaine! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
You: "You really get paid too much for what you do...I suspect you have Charlie Sheen Syndrome"
by Darebearius March 03, 2011
possible cure for Charlie Sheen Syndrome is to take 2 and a 1/2 pills of Ashton Kutcher medication or AK meds once a day.
Dude 1: I hate my freaken boss! He suffers from Charlie Sheen Syndrome.

Dude 2: Give him a dosis of AK meds every 24 hrs or before if needed.
by nov_orchid June 02, 2011
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