To be licked in an erogenous area by a canine.
They had to euthanize their dog, it wouldn't stop Charlie Chaning his wife.
by @@WILLEM@@ June 01, 2009
Top Definition
Charlie Chan is cocaine, similar to the way Brits say "Charlie" as slang for coke. Charlie Chan came about because 'Charlie' is too well known and obvious so thus "Charlie Chan". This was also mentioned on the Beastie Boy's track Brass Monkey - "Ad Rock gets nice with Charlie Chan" - though he may have been referencing 'marijuana', not cocaine
Rocco: "Yo you know we got ladies comin' through tonite, lets call up Young Flaco to phone in that Charlie Chan."
Jokey: "Word cousin. Lets cop at least an 8-ball, one of them bitches that's comin is a fiend and she can do a gram to the head in like 10 minutes!"
by Creeper the Hamburger Pimp July 31, 2013
Code word for marijuana. When most people get blazed, their eyes turn to slits like they are of Asian descent.

Related to the word 'Chanfaced.' After someone smokes Charlie Chan, they looked very stoned, or Chanfaced. Distant cousin of shitfaced.
"Looks like they've been chillen with Charlie Chan"

"I was trying to hang with Charlie Chan. Do you know where he is?"
by McChanski March 03, 2009
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