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when a chick bones a guy out of sympathy
The only reason I've had sex is because of mary rotten-crotch's charity work
by Hank the Tank August 12, 2003
When you sleep with women so unattractive you are doing a service to not only them, but to the world.
Dude, that girl i banged last night was hideous. I have good karma now because I clearly did charity work.
by Rj DD May 14, 2011
selling more than $4 worth of piss at a lemonade stand
"i did some charity work last weekend and nobody notcied"
by ruff April 29, 2004
Beating your meat like it owes you money.
Last night I was very busy doing charity work, I collected money 17 times!
by Spunky Monkey 69 April 10, 2012
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