To put one's penis between one's legs and expose one's penis and ass to all surrounding people. This setup is often followed by the rhino running backwards after any audience, while bending over, simulating a rhino in a stampede, looking for a place to butt his horn.
"Man, he just charging rhinoed all of the swimmer boys in the locker room, until he found the right gazelle to take advantage of."
by blueskysrain January 13, 2006
Top Definition
Where the prey (female) is sat legs apart at waist height at location A. The predator (male) at loacation B ( a point at least 5m away ) runs and attempts to "gore" the prey with his "horn". running is a must and hands may not be used to guide the "horn" or else the proper effect is lost.

Lube (remember water-based only kids) is highly recommended for this to work correctly.

The position can also be done in reverse where the male sits and the female runs. This is called Rharging Chino.
"dude scott nearly broke his cock attempting charging rhino last night!"
"oh yeah. what saved him?"
"oh he only had a semi as usual"
by zeeman89 July 19, 2009
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