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(Pronounced "sheriff") An word of Egyptian origin commonly used in its capital, Cairo. Charef is a term much used to describe sexiness or freshness but can also diverge into different meanings like pimped out or extraordinary. It is also a name given to the stoners of the region.
Example 1:
- (girl) Hey! Are you charef?!
- (guy) I like to think so..
- (girl) Omg let's bang!

Example 2:

- (playing a video game) YYYEEEUUHH! I just beat the game! I feel like I'm charef!
- Chill down dude its just a game.

Example 3:
- I have made time-travel possible after 30 long years of work.
- Dayuuuuum you the charef of our generation!
by Rabena March 05, 2011
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