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An ammount of marijuana thats less than you paid for.
"that shits fucking chape!"
by drew March 16, 2005
When a chav wears there hoody like a cape. They tie up the hoody strings into a bow and wear the hoody unzipped, hood up. I call it the chape (chav cape)
Look at that dick in chinos and a chape.
by Chapesftw96 November 03, 2011
raping someone when you're seeing someone else
If that whore really left me those valentines, I may have to chape her
by Albert11 February 14, 2008
Can be used as any part of speech, a universal term. Derived from C-Dubs himself.

noun: A self made ladies man, rectory baller. Does mad pull ups in the student center while maintaing immaculate flow. Gets a varsity letter without breaking a sweat, master of handbiking. Basically the man.

Takes the place of any word in the English dictionary
Noun: What the chapes?

Adverb: I completed that run chapilly

Adjective: Your such a chapes

Proper Noun: Oh Chapes!

Example sentance: Chapes comes from the very prestigious Rectory School where he chaped all the bitches. When I was done chaping that bitch I chaped all over her face.
by Burdick C November 18, 2010
when you rape someone and cheat on your partner at the same time.
Damn, that bitch was so fine I just HAD to chape her! I hope my girl don't find out!
by jimmy patrick February 14, 2008
(noun) {Middle English} \chay-'p\

1: A love-able douche-bag

2: A term of endearment toward a friend who is exhibiting endearing AND annoying/obnoxious behavior simultaneously

Alternative pronunciation:
Friend 1: Did you hear Adam talking to those girls last night? Those jokes weren't even funny!
Friend 2: Yeah, he was being a total Chape!
by The Original Chape March 04, 2010
Every rude word and insult in the world, directed at one person.
You are a chape.
by CoolWords November 26, 2010
Something that is really cheap! it isn't just cheap, it's Chape!
Fuuhh, did u see that guys slam dunk.

yeah, it was chape!
by jenlec May 27, 2008