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#1 BH clan in RuneScape. Even though RoT flames all day long and have 100 people to their pk trips, they can't do anything but sit on their computer and cry.

Leader is DeStY who freezes almost anything that walks by and than kills them

Co-leader is Aton who has turrets and screams on TS while getting kicked off a kill.

Pro hybrids:

Dahmerflash (the mystic pker)

Dunnanah (Angry kid)

Neo8994 (Gets killed every trip)

Shooter10hi (Just 1 items aka his entire bank

Unholy Nav (Lies about every pk he gets)

Jack aka Ajvergill (Crys over every death)

Gepee (Zammy robe + dds pker)

TJ (Black pker of the clan)

Mark Antho (Kangaroo eating kid)
Watch out for Chaotic Impulse. DeStY's gonna freeze ya
by Plazahitman March 12, 2008