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Chaos Storage is a form of filing system that although it won't always give you what you were looking for, you will find something that is as useful or is more interesting.
Essentially to the untrained eye a room used for Chaos Storage is a massive disorganised mess with piles of junk everywhere.
Commonly found in the rooms of teenagers, students and the houses single males Chaos Storage can quickly spread to takeover all surfaces to become part of the filing system.
Chaos Storage is the only way to kill a neat freak
"Where did I put that spanner (in my chaos storage room)? Aha! a pipe wrench, that will do..."

"Where did I put that pipe wrench (in my chaos storage room)? Aha! Playboy March 2007... Sod it, I'll just have a quick read of the articles"
by Unsub2008 February 13, 2010
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