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A really funny, outgoing and beautiful girl. She is allways exciting to talk to, and allways has nice things to say. She is smart, and seems very responsible. A Chanelle has curly hair, and looks great with it, but also can look very stunning with straight hair. She is the type of person you are very glad you met, and would do anything for. A Chanelle is someone you instantly fall in love with as soon as you meet her.
1. Hey "Chanelle Keating"! You are really awesome!

2. That girl is so "Chanelle Keating"!

3. Are you wearing "Chanelle Keating" #5?

4. I am going to the movies tonight with "Chanelle Keating".

5. Did you know what the word "shell" rhymes with "Chanelle Keating"? Sort of?
by Albert Squash November 19, 2010
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