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A Homosexual with exquisite and/or expensive taste. An Elegant Fag. A self-spoiled fruit. Not to be confused with a Gay Sugar Daddy that spends all his money on his 14yr old rent boys. Chandelier Queers (CQs) are not aversed to sharing their exquisite luxuries with others, but they mainly indulge themselves. If you happen to know a CQ, you might accidentally share in some of his affluent tastes by proxy.
Phil: We're gonna go over to Victor's for dinner tonight, we're having Pheasant a l'Orange.
And I heard he's prepared a delightful Raspberry Coulis for dessert.
Kev: That is one classy sounding guy. I bet his wife's a babe?
Phil: No dude, Vic's gay. Rich, but gay.
Kev: No way, a Chandelier Queer? I thought they were made up
by Dublinisms May 03, 2013
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