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Chaminade College Preparatory is a Catholic High school in the Marianist tradition. There are 1260 people in the school overall. 274 of those people are in the graduating class of 2010. Of those seniors 243 don’t have BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, or Lexus brand cars parked in the Senior Lot today.There are 5 groups at my school: Popular kids, Awkward kids, Model students, Druggies and In-betweens.

Yet most schools have groups that somewhat mimic the categories described above, something that make Chaminade different is the interconnectedness that occurs between groups. This unifying phenomenon, affectionately labeled the “Chaminade Family” by administrators and not labeled anything by students, is what sets Chaminade seniors apart from the graduating classes of other high schools. Students are generally welcoming of students in other groups and even hang out with one another. On any given Saturday night, at any given party, nerds can be seen blazing with populars, druggies playing beer pong with model students, and moderates doing all sorts of party related activities.
Kurt Rhee really understands the students of Chaminade College Preparatory 2010. That class was definitely the best.
by chaminade Student December 08, 2009
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