Tha realist rapper out here holdin it down for TEXAS. Can't no muthafucker touch him.
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
by Junior August 22, 2004
A fakeass rapper who has been around a long ass time and still cant do what Mike Jones has done.He left swishahouse to get fame and started beef with mike jones just to sell his albums.Download the song called "ho move" and "advantage jones" from limewire or ares and you will hear how mike jones wrecks on chamilliSQUARE.He will never get as much Cash as anyone in Swisha house.Chamillionaire=ChamilliSQUARE
Chamillionaire and and his click are called CamilliSQUARE and the Color changing TRICKS
by jon_houston_mexican March 18, 2006

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