When a womans breasts are misshapen to the point that their nipples face in wild directions. They tend to be so asymmetrical that they look like the eyes of a chameleon looking around.
"Damn! That chick Kristin is sexy as hell"
"Yeah, the lower half is great, but I hear she has chameleon eyes"
"What a waste"
by Eli Karatchik May 20, 2010
A noun that describes the unique ability some men possess of being able to maintain a loving relationship with their partner whilst unknowing to the partner is cheating on them. Much the same way a chameleon can us each eye independently a man with chameleon eyes can look his wife in the eye while looking at the rack of a women passing by simultaneously.
Josh: how does arnold do it?! He sleeps with cindy his next door neighbor and he can still go home and make love to his wife like shed the only women in the world.

Clint: he's gifted my friend god has graced him with a pair of chameleon eyes
by gunny bunny April 12, 2012

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