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Chair Rave, is where, if you're listening to music whilst on the computer, and you're sitting down, you cant help but have a rave to the music.
Similar to a Chair Boogey :)
... but better!
person1: did you see person3 chair raving to Pendulum last night?

person2: Yeah, what a strange person he is.

person1: I know, he should really learn how to rave properly, not Chair Rave.
by lil__Raver__ May 01, 2009
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To take ecstacy or similar synthetic drugs or even possibly methamphetamine while at home by self or with two to three friends and just enjoy yourself as apposed to a traditional rave at a club or similar setting.
I was at home chair ravin and was rollin out da frame with lisa and molly. {Chair Rave}
by samsonjonesblack November 22, 2013
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