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That's when a chair makes a noise while getting ready to sit on the chair, leaning back on the chair or getting off of the chair. Some chairs such as the recliner squeaks, caused by the springs and reclining mechanism. Rocking chairs make the squeaking sound while the chair is rocking back and forth. Some chairs that are leather and vinyl, the squeaks that they make sounds very simular to the fart sound. Farting while sitting on the chair at the same is why the person blames it on the chair when someone farts while sitting on the chair and says, My Chair Squeaked. An excuss for farting while sitting on or in the chair.
I wish my chair would stop squeaking, its annoying. My friend farted while he was sitting on the chair at the same time and he says; Oh my chair squeaked.
by JayEssBee85 December 15, 2013
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