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1. The action of a person who updates their status on a social networking website far too often.

2. The practice of updating a social networking status with a funny status, then a less funny status, and so on, for approximately 4-5 status, until the final status contains no laughter. A reference to the "Chain Lightning" spell found in many video and computer games around 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, wherein a lightning bolt strikes one target, then a second with decreased damage, and so on.
1. I thought she was really hot, until i added her as a facebook friend and discovered she was chain statusing about what was happening on The Hills every 35 seconds.

2. I am chain statusing my jokes today, hoping that the 3rd and 4th jokes will just seem funnier by association.
by LordIronfist December 21, 2009
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