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loosely translated as "want tea ?". However, this phrase is a multifaceted phrase which if used appropriately, can be used in many different scenarios; namely as a chat up line (to offer chai) or to dismiss a situation (to have suffered a chai pivit moment).

Like many arts, utilising the correct chai pivit phrase in different situations takes time, patience and perseverance.
Example 1 - chat up line

Man - Masi, Chai piVit ?
Masi - no thank you, my husband fed me chai this morning. Another time perhaps.

Example 2 - dismissing a situation.
(moments after example 1)

Mans best friend : Dude, did that line work on masi ?
Man : just let it go man, it was a proper chai pivit moment, I much rather not think about it.
by Abu B Sal October 02, 2009