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The language of inner city youths. Usually white. An abbreviation of Chav and Jamaican. Usually spoken by lower - middle class white children as an attempt to be street/gangsta. Not necessarily a white immitating a negro as many negroes of complete non jamaican decent also adopt this language. Go to most cities and speak to a 15 year old.

Tend to use phrases such as wha gwan, aiiiit, ting, me breddrins,
mother... Edward I dont know why you persist in speaking in that silly accent. I did not bring you up to speak that way.

Edward.... Me name eddie, an dis is da voice of da street, yo show up nuff respeck. I is a proper bwoi.

mother... Stop speaking that silly cha'maican. Your not a negro/gangster your a middle class white boy who goes to a private school.
by thegiddo November 17, 2009

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