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BAJAN TERM: A phrase used to dismiss a previous comment, similar to the English phrase "oh please" or "yeah right"
Boy 1: "I'd be the best player on the team if they picked me"

Boy 2: "Cha dread, you can't given tie up your own shoe lace"
by King Of The Blurbs July 11, 2011
A term that is used in various islands throughout the Caribbean/ West Indies -

1) Can be used like 'omg', 'ouch!', 'yeah right' or 'kmt' (kiss my teeth)


1) Refers to any person like 'mate', 'dude' or 'friend' etc.

So Cha' dread can be an equivalent to 'omg dude'
Girl1: Did you remember to bring your phone?
Boy1: Cha' dread! No, I forgot.

Boy1: Hey dread, how was the party?
Boy2: Cha' man it was real good!
by hubbabubba94 September 02, 2011
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