A gay pussy who plays online games in his shack at night. He has planes which he likes to stroke in his rocking chair.
by Bob October 30, 2004
Top Definition
Beautiful individual. On of the prettiest women on earth, or so the bible says.
Look there's beautiful Cesia !
by saynila June 13, 2011

One of the most beautiful women. Absolutely gorgeous....leaves all the guys she walks past starstruck. A woman truly straight out of the bible.
Ben: Hey Winston who's that fine fox over their
Winston: That's God's gift to us Cesia. Oh my isn't she the most beautiful

Ben: Yeah so stunning
by Ultimate is life December 14, 2014
The CS name of a complete fucking n00b who has no skill what so ever infact hes bored of ti bcos hes a bloody bean!!!
he eats machines for a living and like blow up dolls. Also he puts his beer in its poon!!
i love u huny hold my beer in ur poon while get craper at cs!
by Anonymous August 25, 2004
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