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Cesar Augustus was and to this day still is the master of all things great on not only this planet, but all of the 15 planets of our solar system if my research is corect.... This is the man that most men would love to be like. This is also the man most if not every woman invisions while having sex with another male, a regular mans penis is not capable of doing the things Cesar Augustus's penis is capable of doing to a vagina. Also known as the man.... 1) We pray to at night. 2) We dream of at night. and 3) That will wrap his 45'' flacid penis around our necks in our sleep if we do not comply with the following two rules.
Cody: Hey nick whatd you dream about last night??
Nick: Dude.... obviously i dreamt about.... him....
Cody: Dude if i tell you this dont tell anyone....
Nick: Okay
Cody: I dreamt about this chick sucki....

-Cody does not exist any more after failing to comply with rule number 2
Cesar Augustus knows all....
by Bicholas Nrady August 31, 2010
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