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Obese 16 year old ELITNEZ HAX0R who only finds e-Dates and takes them extremely seriously. Then threatens to own them to oblivion when they burn his fat ass.

-Life revolves around his computer, or his website. Is scared to go to school because he will be mistaken for a pig, and chopped up and served for bologna. Comes from a long background of fat-asses.

-Hated worldwide.
-Disabled to his chair, which is glued to his ass.
-Has eaten every animal anyones ever bestowed on him.
-Obsession with the womens menstrual stage.
Cerjam wondered what facethejury would do if he put a picture on the site. Sadly, Cerjam tried it on his formal site, and got no more visitors. R.I.P.
by Darth Logik January 14, 2007
The leetest 14 year old hacker ever.
CerJam deleted my hard drive again; guess next time I won't mess with him.
by childzies March 08, 2005

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