The definition of average. Not particularly horrible at anything, nor great at anything. They don't specialize in anything, and the some defining traits of the school are its three floors and lack of a turf field. THe mascot is the wildcat
Centreville High School went to State championships for football in 2011. But they lost, miserably.
by mynoduesp ruoy May 19, 2012
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A school located in Northern Virginia for grades 9-12. The demographic of these students are usually the following: Loud African Americans, Koreans that can not speak English, wanna-be gangsters, Awkward losers, Idiotic Hispanics, Sluts, and annoying people in general. The students you would see would not provide a stable learning environment unless your kid is Autistic as everyone else is.
I am a complete idiot that doesn't know anything at all, even though I "try" my best at it - Centreville High School student
by PissedOffRetard April 15, 2012
A high school school in Clifton, Virginia that sucks at absolutely everything. Terrible at sports, bad test scores, bad attendance records. Majority caucasians who think they're 'ghetto' or 'underprivileged' while they continue living under their parent's 6-digit income. Not very attractive school and is known for having 3 stories and a make-believe pool on the roof.

Also known as 'CVille' and 'CVHS'.
A: "Damn my school blows.."
B: "Haha you must go to Centreville High School."
by Fairfax County Student January 01, 2011

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