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The central region of the Hoosier State in the Midwest that centers around the state capital and its largest city, Indianapolis, and its Metropolitan area. Glaciation made the area flat--with many cornfields and farms today in the middle of America's Cornbelt, having some of the most fertile soil of the world. Although there isn't much water, the area does have access to the Wabash River, due to the presence of the White River that flows right through Indianapolis. Geist and Morse Reservoirs--both manmade lakes-- are the largest bodies of water in the region. Central Indiana is the fastest growing region of the state (faster than the state's average) and the Midwest by population, having a lot of urban sprawl that Hoosiers often complain about. Numerous subdivisions and cul-de-sacs are common throughout the Indianapolis Metro area. In newer housing developments these subdivisions can be adjacent to open fields that have yet to be developed. It is not uncommon to have a cornfield in your backyard--even in some areas of Indianapolis itself or in a suburb. Central Indiana's largest communities are Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Anderson, Kokomo, Lawrence, Greenwood, Noblesville, Columbus, Plainfield, Franklin--and sometimes Terre Haute and Richmond, depending on who you ask.
Central Indiana, although flat and heavily endowed in agriculture, is the fastest growing region in the state, due to the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. Most of Indiana's fastest growing communities are in the Indianapolis Metro area. Hamilton County is the fastest growing county in Indiana, and among the fastest growing in the country.
by krock1dk July 21, 2008
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