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A place were toast and cheese is debated along with Rangers going bust (circa 2089), has many great posters such as DownpatrickCelt, Amerrycelt, some bints and a vast aray of ubers such as PaulTheTim
I seen that Amerrycelt dancing like a seal in O'Briens while PaulTheTim discussed the off-side trap used at todays Celtic Bhoys U-14 game & how CelticMinded was full of neds
by Bluevale Bomber February 05, 2009
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Celtic Minded (commonly pronouced ra sellic minded) is the term used to describe certain sections of the Celtic support. While anybody can support Celtic, to be a fully accepted member of the Celtic "family" one must meet the following critera :-

1. Catholic - This is a must , although one does not need to be practising (indeed the vast majority are not) to be fully accepted into the Celtic "family" one must allege to follow the man in Rome

2. Irish - One does not need to actually be Irish but to be fully accepted one must profess a love for the country of Ireland (even more than one's own country). Extra points are awarded for having a link to Ireland regardless of how tenuous that link may be (having a pint of Guinness is often enough)

3. Hate Rangers - Again this a must. To be fully accepted into the Celtic family one must display a hatred of all things Rangers related. This hatred must be put before the love for one's own team

4. Hate the UK - Another essential trait of the Celtic Minded. Depsite the fact that the vast majority of the Celtic Minded family have a United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland passport to be fully accepted one must display a hatred for all things British

5. Hate The Queen - Plus points will be granted for a good old hatred of Her Majesty The Queen. This goes hand in hand in hand with the next point

6. Hate Proddies - Simply put, being Celtic Minded mean's one must show a dislike for those of the one truth faith.

Extra point's are awarded for showing affection to known woman and baby killers The IRA

Jock Stein is a prime example of one who , despite helping Celtic to become the first BRITISH team to win the old European Cup , was never deemed to be Celtic Minded. This can be seen in the fact that after he stepped down as manager he was only offered the lowly position of Head of the Celtic Pools. Big Jock Knew that he was better than this and refused the position

CelticMinded is also the name of a website that caters for those that meet the above critera. It is famous for stealing charity money to help fund the owners holidays and is in general a place that one should avoid
Aye wee Gordy, hes done ok, but he pyoor no Celtic Minded an aww rat, hes got tae go

See wee lennon by ra way. Hes pyoor pish but hes Celtic Minded and aww rat no, so bhoys go tae stay, a love lennon

A donated money to CelticMinded and mince hud a guid holidy
by Big Jock April 27, 2007
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This means a Bigotted supporter of Glasgow Celtic the person is usually Of Irish decent or they claim to be even when they are not.They are of Roman catholic religion and hate any oter religion and dont want anybody else to run there club that isnt Celtic minded
Gordon strachan get him out of our club because he isn't Celtic minded
by broxibear September 21, 2009
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