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Similar to the Textagram but is manly used with numbers not Noobish or 1337 Speak. Can be used for passing along info during School. The code is based on the cell phone key pad.
2.1-A, 2.2-B, 2.3-C,
3.1-D, 3.2-E, 3.3-F,
4.1-G, 4.2=H 4.3-I,
5.1-J, 5.2-K, 5.3 L
6.1-M, 6.2-N, 6.3-O,
7.1-P, 7.2-q, 7.3-R, 7.4-S,
8.1-T, 8.2-U, 8.3-V,
9.1-W, 9.2-X,9.3-Y, 9.4-Z
Cell code-
4.2,3.2,9.2.- Hey.
by Fox Cruton April 03, 2009
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