The personification of woman pleasing.

Also the act of getting caught on the interweb of cybering in an MMORPG and denying all the proof.
This girl was staying at my inn room and I totally gave it to her like Ceciliantas would.

When my wife found out about me cheating on her with "Young16hot4u" I pulled a Ceciliantas.
by StingraY December 20, 2004
Top Definition
Ceciliantas is a guy on the permafrost EQ2 server who loves to cyber. He got owned in the mouth when someone caught him in the act again! After that, his e-girlfriend leaves him and he makes a bunch of bogus threats. Hilarity ensues.
Ceciliantas is going to be famous forever!
by Fire December 20, 2004
To harrass a group of people for years in a row and get owned in a 3 minute rump with a cyber female character that is really a guy; all this while being recorded by a 3rd party and posting it around the world-wide-web. Topping it off by denying anything and everything.
After I got ceciliantas by half the world; I stopped being a female-product bag.
by Omegamerc December 21, 2004
Being completely and utterly smashed and owned. The ultimate and highest form of ownage. Derived from Ceciliantas from the Permafrost EQ2 server who got owned so severely and so thoroughly that he redefined ownage and created cecilage - the act of being ceciled.
Holy fuck dude, you have been ceciled!
by DIEHARD December 30, 2004
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