A small breed of spaniel that weights, on average 15 or 16 pounds. Four coat variations occur: Blenheim, Tricolour, Black and Tan, and Ruby. A favorite breed of Britain's King Charles II, it also used to be the royal dog. Cavaliers are typically very friendly dogs, and excellent with children
That dog over there might look a bit like a cocker spaniel, but in reality it is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
#spaniel #toy breed #dog #king charles ii #england
by I'mnotcertain December 08, 2010
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Top Definition
Breed of dog that origingated in England a long friggin time ago. They were the royal dog until the pug was introduced. Looks a lot like a Cocker Spaniel, but nothing like it. Cocker Spaniels are stupid. Cavaliers are the best pets ever.
What kind of a dog is that? 'It's a Cavalier King CHarles Spaniel, you idiot!'
by Abby April 04, 2005
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