other word for trippin, messed up.
dat nigga was cattin off, thought he could beat me in some nba live 10.
by youngstunna2020 February 06, 2010
Top Definition
When you're not acting the way you need to be acting in a certain situation, by either doing something dumb or not doing something you're supposed to be doing.
"Aw what? He forgot to put gas in his car when he knew we were tryina go to the club? Man he be cattin off."
by Enomus November 23, 2008
Actin crazy,flashin,trippin,actin a fool,minstrel showin ,smokin,goin bad or needin jesus like cat williams did at his oakland comedy show and various other places
Man ,look ,there cat go again...cattin off and ish!

Somebody drag that foo off the stage!
by rev triggafinger July 09, 2014
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