The absolute best girls name ever. Never underestimated. And the best person anybody could ever have. She is smart, cute, funny, RANDOM, and at times..BITCHY...(just dont get on her bad side). She loves to have fun and she loves her boyfriend Hunter with all her heart. And they are the cutest couple ever!. And Cathy is a shorting for Cathleen. And she is the BEST person EVER! She also does not like to talk positive on herself. Even though she is AMAZING
Cathy: Im so ugly

Amber: You are the prettest person EVER!

Cathy: Awe. Really?
by Imadeen555 June 05, 2011
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A nice, friendly female who is pure of heart.
"Aw that girl was so nice to me... I bet her name's Cathy"
by Fluffhead Baby March 02, 2010
Cathy is a person who is so awesome but never knows it. Unbelievably gorgeous, totally hilarious. and hot.
she cool.
yep. shes cathy.
by 1357531 July 28, 2010
A really good friend. Really smart and beautiful, and will be with any idea you have, even it was terrible. If you're friends with her, she will be your partner in crime. She is flat out awesome.
Cathy is my best friend:)
by octocyclops September 10, 2011
She's a gorgeous girl, funny, sweet, caring, and sexy. She'll try really hard to make you smile. Cathy is the perfect girl, and you'll fall for her hard and fast.
I wish Cathy was my girl.
by KeepCalmAndLoveForEternity December 15, 2013
A sexy- ass chick that thinks very fast and also has many stories and jokes to tell. Always there to give an opinion and even when not in the best appearance, her personality outshines everything making her hotter than ever again. Probably the best girls out there with the most personality.
Dude she is so smart and beautiful like how?

Obviously.. She is Cathy
by kingkongthebomb December 20, 2013
The best friend a girl could ever ask for, who is always sweet and kind and there for you no matter what. She is totally gorgeous inside and out. She always give good advice and can be trusted with absolutley anything. She is the best friend on the planet. She is also highlarious.
Person1: wow I wish i had a Cathy as a best friend ):

Person2: I have a Cathy as a best friend!

Person1: you are so lucky

Person2: I know (:
by wow9090 December 26, 2013

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