Unequivocally uncool, usually a rotund woman who makes annoying cackling goose calls at her muy pequeño television set while watching reruns of Roseanne. She usually drives a minivan and works in radio.
What's that smell? I think it's a Cathy.

If I were Cathy I'd shoot myself.

Can you BE any more of a Cathy?
by aww snap! February 23, 2010
Top Definition
A nice, friendly female who is pure of heart.
"Aw that girl was so nice to me... I bet her name's Cathy"
by Fluffhead Baby March 02, 2010
Cathy is a person who is so awesome but never knows it. Unbelievably gorgeous, totally hilarious. and hot.
she cool.
yep. shes cathy.
by 1357531 July 28, 2010
the name for the corpse used in necrophilia porn films.

man1 -"hey dude, you got the cathy?"
man 2 -"yeah sure, you got the camera?"
man 1 -"right here."
man 2 -"lets do this thing"
by Rebecca Davies March 04, 2008
A really good friend. Really smart and beautiful, and will be with any idea you have, even it was terrible. If you're friends with her, she will be your partner in crime. She is flat out awesome.
Cathy is my best friend:)
by octocyclops September 10, 2011
to take over a copy-machine. To run off a million pages of lab materials for students, while others patiently wait to use the machine.
to unknowingly take worksheets
to send a class into your room and disrupt your whole lesson so they can borrow something
to rudely interrupt someone in the middle of a conversation
"I was going to get my lessons ready, but the copy machine is Cathied, now."
"OMG, I have been Cathied! Someone placed their book onto my stack of lessons and took them!"
"My lecture today was totally Cathied, by 5 students coming in and asking for work."
"Don't Cathy my Conversation!"
by bunnybone October 24, 2011
A girl that is named cathy has extremely small boobs and shes asian and likes saying random things like "CHOCOLATE CAKE.... YEEEAAAUUHHH!!!!"
Cathy is such an asian!
by Errrka Peyterson July 28, 2011
code name for cocaine, but personifies the word.
yo guys, lets hang out with cathy tonight
hey where's cathy
that bitch cathy is amazing
by marecare September 22, 2005
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