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1. can easily be penetrated

2. is up for threesomes

3. nympho fo sho
joe "i was on my girl all night long"

bob "your lucky to have a cate"
by newt4you November 12, 2008
25 90
A female name short for Catherine. Cate is a goddess on two legs. A girl lucky enough to be named Cate is generally one of the most beautiful, cutest, geniune girls you will ever meet. Legend has it that she is an absolute beast in bed, but there are so few that have experienced such a heaven.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Man I can't believe you dumped Cate. You'll never have anyone like her again.
Guy 2: Yes I know, biggest mistake of my life.

Example 2:
Girl 1: Damn, I wish I could be just like Cate.
Girl 2: I know, she's so sweet and pretty.

Example 3:
Guy 1: I'm sorry, but it's over. I want to be with Cate.
Girl 1: Everyone wants to be with Cate...
by Archipel March 01, 2009
425 147
the epitome of style, taste, and class
Audrey Hepburn was so cate.
by onesong May 18, 2006
382 175
a girl who loves to party and have a good time, even if she doesn't feel so good in the a.m. She will never pass down a dare, ever. She is amazingly hot with sparkling blue eyes. A cate is a girl who will never let a friend down and is always there when needed, no matter what.
cate is such a cate
by behindu November 12, 2008
157 76
a crazy girl with beautiful green eyes
Guy 1: she is crazy!!

Guy 2: yeah! but beautiful green eyes, shes so cate!!
by glint February 04, 2010
92 55
Short for caitlin. She's pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, funny. The absolute most perfect girl you will even meet in the entire world.
Wow Cate your so cute.
by johnficus June 20, 2010
79 49
A girl with amazing blue eyes who is so awesome, she invented the word awesome.
"Woah, that girl is so awesome, she must be a Cate."
by A very nice someone December 29, 2011
26 25
1. An awesome surname derived from the English Cate.

2. Nick Nolte's character in 48 Hours.

3. Pheobe
Holy shit, your last name is Cates? Thats fucking awesome! Just like that guy from 48 hours, or that chick from Fast Times at Ridgemont High!
by josh_fuckin_cates August 07, 2008
22 24