when you are finding a lot of things funny and can't stop laughing
a number of things are amusing you just as easily as it is to catch something
what you lot doing there on the floor
-just catching jokes man, i'm creasin'!!
by miowmeeshyz June 09, 2010
Top Definition
Used by some to describe the regular consumption of alcohol to excess, rendering one incapable of motor control or muscular integrity. Despite the suggestion implicit in the phrase, there is in fact nothing amusing or comical about such a situation. It is in fact a dark and rather pathetic state of affairs.

Use of phrase especially favoured by alcoholic apologists. (See dickhead)
"I am just catching jokes"
by H638391 May 18, 2008
When ur haing a laugh, mucking about
We were jus' jammin n catchin jokes. It was heavy
by 3da aka Dejavu June 05, 2004
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