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A lot like a cleveland steamer, but you try to catch it in mid air.
I hope she had some fiber before we play 'Catch the Oompa Loompa' or its just going to end up a regular old cleveland steamer.
by Coliver November 15, 2007
When you see (a) orange tinted, spray-tanned Dwarf(s) or midget(s) that you mistake for an Oompa Loompa on the loose. You then proceed to catch the little b*tch in order to get a reward for your deeds...hopefully. Willy Wonka would be proud of your efforts!
Homegirl1: Ohh shit look its a oompa loompa on da loose! Girl we need to return it to Wonka's Chocolate Factory, den we'll get more money den a bitch! Ahh! Lets go Catch the Oompa Loompa !
WhiteLady1: Thats not a oompa loompa! Thats a Midget! Don't be rude!
Homegirl2: Bitch shut the hell up! You a blind ass bitch!
(Homegirl1 + Homegirl2 then push WhiteLady1 out of the way and run after the midget and attack him, throwing him into a garbage bag and slapping him against an object in order to knock him out.)
Homegirl1: Okay now we need to go to fedex or shit!
by Dijonay Jones October 07, 2011

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